Book Club Love


Bustle's American Woman Book Club
For 2017 Bustle wants to be a place of action. According to their site, they believe that "broadly is one small step in mending the divides of our nation. The books Bustle's American Woman Book Club will read will encompass a broad range of American experiences. We'll read about Muslim-Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, LGBTQ+ individuals, undocumented immigrants, while working classs women, and more." Because as they put it, "all of these people are American, and all of their stories are American stories." You can sign up at Goodreads.


Another Round
Another Round podcast hosts Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu cover everything from race to gender (to booze, of course), and now they've teamed up to host a book club. To join, enter your information into their Google form to get a Slack invite to join the online discussion! Another great book club for people everywhere.  


Well-Read Black Girl Book Club
Well-Read Black Girl is a book club based out of Brooklyn that hosts phenomenal events highlighting black women in literature...Read on.


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